Interface Summary
TestRunContext The interface for accessing the Test run context.
TestRunView A TestRunView is shown as a page in a tabbed folder.

Class Summary
AboutDialog The AboutDialog.
CounterPanel A panel with test run counters
DefaultFailureDetailView A view that shows a stack trace of a failure
FailureRunView A view presenting the test failures as a list.
FailureRunView.FailureListCellRenderer Renders TestFailures in a JList
ProgressBar A simple progress bar showing the green/red status
StatusLine A status line component.
TestHierarchyRunView A hierarchical view of a test run.
TestRunner A Swing based user interface to run tests.
TestSelector A test class selector.
TestSelector.TestCellRenderer Renders TestFailures in a JList
TestSuitePanel A Panel showing a test suite as a tree.
TestTreeModel A tree model for a Test.