Interface Summary
FailureDetailView A view to show a details about a failure
TestCollector Collects Test class names to be presented by the TestSelector.
TestSuiteLoader An interface to define how a test suite should be loaded.

Class Summary
BaseTestRunner Base class for all test runners.
ClassPathTestCollector An implementation of a TestCollector that consults the class path.
LoadingTestCollector An implementation of a TestCollector that loads all classes on the class path and tests whether it is assignable from Test or provides a static suite method.
ReloadingTestSuiteLoader A TestSuite loader that can reload classes.
SimpleTestCollector An implementation of a TestCollector that considers a class to be a test class when it contains the pattern "Test" in its name
Sorter A custom quick sort with support to customize the swap behaviour.
StandardTestSuiteLoader The standard test suite loader.
TestCaseClassLoader A custom class loader which enables the reloading of classes for each test run.