Package jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.matrix._private.Jampack

Class Summary
Block Block contains a static method for partitioning a matrix.
Eig Eig implements the eigenvalue-vector decomposition of of a square matrix.
Eye Eye generates a matrix whose diagonal elements are one and whose off diagonal elements are zero.
H H computes the conjugate transpose of a matrix and the transpose of a complex matrix.
House House provides static methods to generate and apply Householder transformations.
Inv Inv computes the inverse of a matrix.
Maths Set of functions for performing standard maths functions on a matrix
MatrixMaths Set of functions for performing standard maths functions on a matrix
Merge Merge is a class containing programs to merge matrices into one big matrix.
Minus Minus negates a matrix or computes the difference of two matrices.
Norm Norm computes norms of matrices.
Parameters Parameter is a class containing global parameters for Jampack.
Pivot Pivot applys a sequence of pivot operations to the rows of a matrix.
Plus Plus Computes the sum of two matrices.
Print Print prints numbers, matrices, and arrays.
Rand The rand suite generates random objects with elements distributed randomly on [0,1] or normally with mean zero and standard deviation one.
Rot Rot generates and manipulates plane rotations.
Schur Schur implements the Schur decomposition of a matrix.
Solve Solve solves linear systems of the form A*X = B AH*X = B X*A = B X*AH = B where A is a nonsingular Zmat, B is a Zmat, and '^H' denotes the conjugate transpose.
Swap Swap interchanges rows and columns of a matrix.
ToString converts numbers, matrices, and arrays to a string.
Transpose Transposes a matrix
Trig Set of functions for doing trigonometric calculations
Z1 Z1 implements a one-dimensional array of complex numbers as a two arrays of type double.
Zchol Zchol implements the Cholesky decomposition of a positive definite matrix.
Zdiagmat Zdiagmat is a storage efficient representation of a complex diagonal matrix.
Zhess Zhess implements the unitary reduction to Hessenberg form by a unitary similarity transformation.
Zhqrd Computes a Householder QR decomposition.Specifically, given a matrix A there are is a unitary matrix U such that QA = R where R is zero below its diagonal.
Zltmat Zltmat is a tag class of Zmat, which tells Jampack to expect a lower triangular matrix.
Zludpp Zludpp implements the LU decomposition with partial pivoting.
Zmat Zmat implements general complex matrix stored in a rectangular array class Z.
Zpsdmat Zpsdmat is a tag class of Zmat, which tells Jampack to expect a (Hermitian) positive semidefinite matrix.
Zqrd Implements a QR decomposition.
Zspec Zspec implements the spectral (eigenvalue-eigenvector) decomposition of a Hermitian matrix.
Zsvd Zsvd implements the singular value decomposion of a Zmat.
Zutmat Zutmat is a tag class of Zmat, which tells Jampack to expect an upper triangular matrix.

Exception Summary
JampackException This is the exception class for Jampack.