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Packages that use OperatorToken

Uses of OperatorToken in jmathlib.core.tokens

Subclasses of OperatorToken in jmathlib.core.tokens
 class AddSubOperatorToken
          Used to implement addition and subtraction operations within an expression
 class AssignmentOperatorToken
          Used to implement assignment operations within an expression
 class BinaryOperatorToken
          The base class for all binary operators
 class ColonOperatorToken
          Used to implement subscriptions of a array
 class DotOperatorToken
          Used to implement object orientated access of methods and arguments
 class MulDivOperatorToken
          Class representing multiplicaton and division operations within an expression
 class PowerOperatorToken
          Class representing all power operators used in an expression
 class RelationOperatorToken
          Used to implement relation operations within an expression
 class UnaryOperatorToken
          Class representing any unary operators in an expression

Fields in jmathlib.core.tokens declared as OperatorToken
private  OperatorToken
          the operator being held within the node

Methods in jmathlib.core.tokens that return OperatorToken
 OperatorToken Expression.getData()
          retrieves the data object

Methods in jmathlib.core.tokens with parameters of type OperatorToken
private  Expression Expression.buildTree(OperatorToken op, OperandToken left, OperandToken right)
          Builds an expression tree
 void Expression.setData(OperatorToken _data)
          Sets the operator of the expression

Constructors in jmathlib.core.tokens with parameters of type OperatorToken
Expression(OperatorToken _data)
          Creates an expression with no operands
Expression(OperatorToken _data, OperandToken operand)
          Creates an expression with one operand
Expression(OperatorToken _data, OperandToken[] _children, int _noChildren)
          Creates an expression with an array of operands
Expression(OperatorToken _data, OperandToken left, OperandToken right)
          Creates an expression with two operands
Expression(OperatorToken _data, OperandToken op1, OperandToken op2, OperandToken op3)
          Creates an expression with three operands