Package jmathlib.core.interpreter

Class Summary
Context A context object contains the variables and code for the executing function
ContextList Stores a list of contexts.
ErrorLogger write error messages + debug information to a log file
Errors Class used to read and display error strings from a resource bundle
GlobalValues This class contains the global variables, which are accessible throughout the program.
Interpreter This is the main interface for the program.
LexicalAnalyser class for turning a string expression into a vector of tokens.
Parser The parser uses the Lexer to produce a list of tokens which it builds into an abstract syntax tree.
RootObject This universal the base class for all class define by JMathLib.
Variable class for binding a variable name to some data
VariableList Class used to store all the declared variables within a context

Exception Summary
ControlException MathLib specific exception
JMathLibException MathLib specific exception