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Packages that use Context

Uses of Context in jmathlib.core.interpreter

Fields in jmathlib.core.interpreter declared as Context
private  Context ContextList.globalContext
private  Context ContextList.localContext
private  Context Context.parent
          Reference to the contexts calling context

Methods in jmathlib.core.interpreter that return Context
 Context ContextList.createContext(VariableList _variables)
          Used to create a new context and put it on the stack when executing a function
 Context ContextList.getLocalContext()
 Context Context.getParent()
 Context ContextList.popContext()
          return to the calling context of the function

Methods in jmathlib.core.interpreter with parameters of type Context
 void ContextList.pushContext(Context context)
 void Context.setParent(Context _parent)

Constructors in jmathlib.core.interpreter with parameters of type Context
Context(VariableList _variables, Context _parent)
          Create a Context with the supplied values