Uses of Interface

Packages that use MathLibOutput

Uses of MathLibOutput in jmathlib.core.interpreter

Fields in jmathlib.core.interpreter declared as MathLibOutput
private  MathLibOutput Interpreter.outputPanel
          panel used for displaying text

Methods in jmathlib.core.interpreter that return MathLibOutput
 MathLibOutput Interpreter.getOutputPanel()
          returns the panel to write any text to

Methods in jmathlib.core.interpreter with parameters of type MathLibOutput
 void Interpreter.setOutputPanel(MathLibOutput _outputPanel)
          sets the panel to write any text to

Uses of MathLibOutput in jmathlib.plugins

Fields in jmathlib.plugins declared as MathLibOutput
(package private)  MathLibOutput PluginsManager.outputPanel

Uses of MathLibOutput in jmathlib.ui.common

Classes in jmathlib.ui.common that implement MathLibOutput
 class Console
          Class implementing a console style window It needs the ConsoleKeyHandler class to work