Class PolarAxesObject

  extended by java.util.AbstractMap<K,V>
      extended by java.util.TreeMap
          extended by
              extended by
                  extended by
                      extended by
                          extended by
                              extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.awt.event.ActionListener, java.awt.event.WindowListener, java.awt.print.Printable,, java.lang.Cloneable, java.util.EventListener, java.util.Map, java.util.SortedMap, PropertyListener

public class PolarAxesObject
extends AxesObject

created and holds the axes of a plot

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Field Summary
(package private)  java.util.Vector axesElements
          A list of all object which belong to this axis
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  void autoScaleX()
protected  void autoScaleY()
protected  void autoTickLabelX()
protected  void autoTickX()
 void paint(java.awt.Graphics _g)
 void paintLine(java.awt.Graphics g, LineObject line)
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Field Detail


java.util.Vector axesElements
A list of all object which belong to this axis

Constructor Detail


public PolarAxesObject()
Method Detail


public void paint(java.awt.Graphics _g)
paint in class AxesObject


public void paintLine(java.awt.Graphics g,
                      LineObject line)


protected void autoScaleX()
autoScaleX in class AxesObject


protected void autoScaleY()
autoScaleY in class AxesObject


protected void autoTickX()
autoTickX in class AxesObject


protected void autoTickLabelX()
autoTickLabelX in class AxesObject