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fActiveTestDeathCount - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.extensions.ActiveTestSuite
factor - Class in jmathlib.toolbox.general
External function to create a vector of the prime factors of a number
factor() - Constructor for class jmathlib.toolbox.general.factor
factorial() - Method in class jmathlib.core.tokens.numbertokens.DoubleNumberToken
Standard functions - calculates the factorial of the number
factorial(double) - Method in class jmathlib.core.tokens.numbertokens.DoubleNumberToken
Calulates the factorial of a real value
factorial() - Method in class jmathlib.core.tokens.OperandToken
calculate the factorial
factorial() - Method in class jmathlib.core.tokens.SparseNumberToken
Standard functions - calculates the factorial of the number
factorial(double) - Method in class jmathlib.core.tokens.SparseNumberToken
Calulates the factorial of a real value
fail(String) - Static method in class jmathlib.tools.junit.framework.Assert
Fails a test with the given message.
fail() - Static method in class jmathlib.tools.junit.framework.Assert
Fails a test with no message.
failedTest() - Method in class jmathlib.tools.junit.framework.TestFailure
Gets the failed test.
failNotEquals(String, Object, Object) - Static method in class jmathlib.tools.junit.framework.Assert
failNotSame(String, Object, Object) - Static method in class jmathlib.tools.junit.framework.Assert
failureCount() - Method in class jmathlib.tools.junit.framework.TestResult
Gets the number of detected failures.
FailureDetailView - Interface in jmathlib.tools.junit.runner
A view to show a details about a failure
FAILUREDETAILVIEW_KEY - Static variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestRunner
FailureRunView - Class in jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui
A view presenting the test failures as a list.
FailureRunView(TestRunContext) - Constructor for class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.FailureRunView
FailureRunView.FailureListCellRenderer - Class in jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui
Renders TestFailures in a JList
FailureRunView.FailureListCellRenderer() - Constructor for class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.FailureRunView.FailureListCellRenderer
failures() - Method in class jmathlib.tools.junit.framework.TestResult
Returns an Enumeration for the failures
fCancel - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestSelector
fColumn - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.textui.TestRunner
fCounterPanel - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestRunner
fDescription - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestSelector
feather - Class in jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.graphics.graph2d
feather() - Constructor for class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.graphics.graph2d.feather
fError - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.ProgressBar
fErrorIcon - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.FailureRunView.FailureListCellRenderer
fErrorIcon - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestSuitePanel.TestTreeCellRenderer
fErrors - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.framework.TestResult
fErrors - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestTreeModel
feval - Class in jmathlib.toolbox.funfun
An external function for evaluating functions
feval() - Constructor for class jmathlib.toolbox.funfun.feval
fExcluded - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.runner.TestCaseClassLoader
excluded paths
fExpected - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.extensions.ExceptionTestCase
fFailedTest - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.framework.TestFailure
fFailureIcon - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.FailureRunView.FailureListCellRenderer
fFailureIcon - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestSuitePanel.TestTreeCellRenderer
fFailureList - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.FailureRunView
fFailures - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.framework.TestResult
fFailures - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestRunner
fFailures - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestTreeModel
fFailureView - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestRunner
fFrame - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestRunner
fft - Class in jmathlib.toolbox.general
An external function which checks if the argument is a struct
fft() - Constructor for class jmathlib.toolbox.general.fft
fftMag(double[]) - Method in class jmathlib.toolbox.general.fft
fgFilterStack - Static variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.runner.BaseTestRunner
fgMaxMessageLength - Static variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.runner.BaseTestRunner
fibonacci - Class in jmathlib.toolbox.general
External function to calculate the nth fibonacci number
fibonacci() - Constructor for class jmathlib.toolbox.general.fibonacci
fieldName - Variable in class jmathlib.core.tokens.VariableToken
name for struct
fields - Variable in class jmathlib.core.tokens.MathLibObject
An array of all the data stored in the structure
fig - Variable in class jmathlib.core.graphics.FigureObject
figure - Class in jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.graphics
An external function for 2 dimensional plots
figure() - Constructor for class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.graphics.figure
figureElements - Variable in class jmathlib.core.graphics.FigureObject
An array of the axes
figureNo - Variable in class jmathlib.core.graphics.FigureObject
The number of this figure
FigureObject - Class in jmathlib.core.graphics
created and holds the axes of a plot, there can be multiple axes in one plot
FigureObject() - Constructor for class jmathlib.core.graphics.FigureObject
FigureObject(int) - Constructor for class jmathlib.core.graphics.FigureObject
FigureObject.FigurePanel - Class in jmathlib.core.graphics
FigureObject.FigurePanel() - Constructor for class jmathlib.core.graphics.FigureObject.FigurePanel
figures - Variable in class jmathlib.core.graphics.GraphicsManager
A list of all figures
fileExtensions - Variable in class jmathlib.ui.swing.EasyFileFilter
FileFunctionLoader - Class in jmathlib.core.functions
Class to load a Functions (whether they are compiled into class form, mFile or pFile) from a particular directory structure.
FileFunctionLoader(File, boolean, boolean) - Constructor for class jmathlib.core.functions.FileFunctionLoader
FileFunctionLoader(File, boolean) - Constructor for class jmathlib.core.functions.FileFunctionLoader
Create the class loader
fileMenu - Variable in class jmathlib.ui.awt.GUI
FileNameP - Variable in class jmathlib.core.graphics.FigureObject
filesDirectory - Variable in class jmathlib.ui.swing.WorkingDirectoryPanel
fileView - Variable in class jmathlib.ui.swing.WorkingDirectoryPanel
fileViewSelectionListener - Variable in class jmathlib.ui.swing.WorkingDirectoryPanel
fill - Class in jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.graphics.graph2d
fill() - Constructor for class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.graphics.graph2d.fill
fill3 - Class in jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.graphics.graph3d
fill3() - Constructor for class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.graphics.graph3d.fill3
fill3DPlane(Graphics, double[], double, double[]) - Method in class jmathlib.core.graphics.axes.Axes3DObject
fill3DPlane(Graphics, double, double[], double[]) - Method in class jmathlib.core.graphics.axes.Axes3DObject
fill3DPlane(Graphics, double[], double[], double) - Method in class jmathlib.core.graphics.axes.Axes3DObject
fill3DPlane(Graphics, double[], double[], double[]) - Method in class jmathlib.core.graphics.axes.Axes3DObject
filterLine(String) - Static method in class jmathlib.tools.junit.runner.BaseTestRunner
filterStack(String) - Static method in class jmathlib.tools.junit.runner.BaseTestRunner
Filters stack frames from internal JUnit classes
finalize() - Method in class jmathlib.core.graphics.HandleObject
finalize() - Method in class jmathlib.core.interpreter.ErrorLogger
Will release the file handle to the logfile
finalize() - Method in class jmathlib.toolbox.crypto.aes
Destroy all sensitive information in this object.
find - Class in jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.matrix
An external function for finding nonzero elements of a matrix
find() - Constructor for class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.matrix.find
findClass(String) - Method in class jmathlib.core.functions.ExternalFunctionClassLoader
findClassOrMFile(File, String) - Method in class jmathlib.core.functions.FunctionPathBroker
Searchs a directory for the specified class
findFigure(int) - Method in class jmathlib.core.graphics.GraphicsManager
findFigureNumber(int) - Method in class jmathlib.core.graphics.GraphicsManager
check the figures vector if a figure with the number _figureNo exists
findFunction(String) - Method in class jmathlib.core.functions.FileFunctionLoader
find unknown class/m-file in directory structure
findFunction(String) - Method in class jmathlib.core.functions.FunctionLoader
find unknown class/m-file in directory structure
findFunction(FunctionToken) - Method in class jmathlib.core.functions.FunctionManager
find a function It checks user functions then external functions then internal functions
findFunction(String) - Method in class jmathlib.core.functions.FunctionPathBroker
findFunction(String) - Method in class jmathlib.core.functions.WebFunctionLoader
loads an .m-file via the web
findFunction(String) - Method in class jmathlibtests.toolbox.general.testGlobal.TestFunctionLoader
findFunctionByName(String) - Method in class jmathlib.core.functions.FunctionManager
findMinMaxX() - Method in class jmathlib.core.graphics.axes.coreObjects.LineObject
findMinMaxY() - Method in class jmathlib.core.graphics.axes.coreObjects.LineObject
findOnlyFunctionClass(String) - Method in class jmathlib.core.functions.FileFunctionLoader
Attempts to find a java class, that has the functionName
findProperty(String) - Method in class jmathlib.core.graphics.GraphicsManager
findstr - Class in jmathlib.toolbox.string
An external function for finding a string within another
findstr() - Constructor for class jmathlib.toolbox.string.findstr
findTest(Test, Test, Vector) - Method in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestTreeModel
Finds the path to a test.
fireCommandAdded(CommandHistoryManager.Command) - Method in class jmathlib.ui.swing.CommandHistoryManager
fireNodeChanged(TreePath, int) - Method in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestTreeModel
Fires a node changed event
fireTestChanged(Test, boolean) - Method in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestSuitePanel
firstIndexOfMatchedString(String) - Method in class jmathlib.ui.swing.AutoCompletion
fix - Class in jmathlib.toolbox.general
fix() - Constructor for class jmathlib.toolbox.general.fix
FixedColorsP - Variable in class jmathlib.core.graphics.FigureObject
fLeafIcon - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestSelector.TestCellRenderer
fliplr - Class in jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.matrix
An external function for flipping matrices from left to right
fliplr() - Constructor for class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.matrix.fliplr
flipud - Class in jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.matrix
An external function for flipping matrices from up to down
flipud() - Constructor for class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.matrix.flipud
fList - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestSelector
fListeners - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.framework.TestResult
fLoader - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.runner.LoadingTestCollector
fLoading - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.runner.BaseTestRunner
floatValue() - Method in class jmathlib.core.graphics.properties.DoubleProperty
floatValue() - Method in class jmathlib.core.graphics.properties.IntegerProperty
fLogo - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestRunner
floor() - Method in class jmathlib.core.tokens.SparseNumberToken
Standard functions - rounds the value down
floor(Zmat) - Static method in class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.matrix._private.Jampack.Maths
Standard functions - rounds the value down
floor(Zmat) - Static method in class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.matrix._private.Jampack.MatrixMaths
Standard functions - rounds the value down
floor - Class in jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.matrix
floor() - Constructor for class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.matrix.floor
flush() - Method in class jmathlib.core.graphics.axes.coreObjects.TextObject.SimpleFactory
flushBackBuffer(Graphics, Graphics) - Method in class jmathlib.core.graphics.axes.AxesObject
fModel - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestSuitePanel
fModelListeners - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestTreeModel
fmt - Static variable in class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.matrix._private.Jampack.Print
fName - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.framework.TestCase
the name of the test case
fName - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.framework.TestSuite
fNumberOfErrors - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.CounterPanel
fNumberOfFailures - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.CounterPanel
fNumberOfRuns - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.CounterPanel
fOk - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestSelector
fOkIcon - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestSuitePanel.TestTreeCellRenderer
font - Variable in class jmathlib.core.graphics.axes.coreObjects.TextObject
font - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.treeanalyser.TreeData
Font used for drawing.
FontAngleP - Variable in class jmathlib.core.graphics.axes.AxesObject
FontNameP - Variable in class jmathlib.core.graphics.axes.AxesObject
FontSizeP - Variable in class jmathlib.core.graphics.axes.AxesObject
FontUnitsP - Variable in class jmathlib.core.graphics.axes.AxesObject
FontWeightP - Variable in class jmathlib.core.graphics.axes.AxesObject
forCode - Variable in class jmathlib.core.tokens.ForOperatorToken
{ code } to execute For the condition is true
foreach - Class in jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.system
Display the debug information of an expression
foreach() - Constructor for class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.system.foreach
forIncrement - Variable in class jmathlib.core.tokens.ForOperatorToken
forInitialisation - Variable in class jmathlib.core.tokens.ForOperatorToken
format - Class in jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.system
format() - Constructor for class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.system.format
formatS - Variable in class jmathlib.toolbox.string.sprintf
FormatSpacingP - Variable in class jmathlib.core.graphics.GraphicalObject
ForOperatorToken - Class in jmathlib.core.tokens
Used to implement for loops within an expression
ForOperatorToken(OperandToken, OperandToken, OperandToken, OperandToken) - Constructor for class jmathlib.core.tokens.ForOperatorToken
Constructor setting the ForRelation and ForCode
forRelation - Variable in class jmathlib.core.tokens.ForOperatorToken
forwardHistoryVector - Variable in class jmathlib.ui.swing.HTMLRenderDialog
fOther - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestSelector.ParallelSwapper
fPathItems - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.runner.TestCaseClassLoader
scanned class path
fPreferences - Static variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.runner.BaseTestRunner
fProgress - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.ProgressBar
fProgressIndicator - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestRunner
fProgressX - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.ProgressBar
fQuitButton - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestRunner
frame - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.treeanalyser.TreeAnalyser
Window for showing Tree.
fRerunButton - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestRunner
fro(Zmat, int, int, int, int) - Static method in class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.matrix._private.Jampack.Norm
Computes the Frobenius norm of a the submatrix (ii1:ii2, jj1,jj2) of a Zmat.
fro(Zmat) - Static method in class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.matrix._private.Jampack.Norm
Computes the Frobenius norm of a Zmat.
fro(Z1) - Static method in class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.matrix._private.Jampack.Norm
Computes the Frobenius norm of a Z1.
fro(Zdiagmat) - Static method in class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.matrix._private.Jampack.Norm
Computes the Frobenius norm of a Zdiagmat.
fRoot - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestTreeModel
fRun - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestRunner
fRunContext - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.FailureRunView
fRunner - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestRunner
fRunTests - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.framework.TestResult
fRunTests - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestTreeModel
fScrolledList - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestSelector
fScrollTree - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestSuitePanel
fSelectedItem - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestSelector
fStatusLine - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestRunner
fStop - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.framework.TestResult
fSuiteCombo - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestRunner
fSuiteIcon - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestSelector.TestCellRenderer
fTest - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.extensions.TestDecorator
fTestContext - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestHierarchyRunView
fTestResult - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestRunner
fTestRunViews - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestRunner
fTests - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.framework.TestSuite
fTestViewTab - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestRunner
fTextArea - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.DefaultFailureDetailView
fThrownException - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.framework.TestFailure
fTimesRepeat - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.extensions.RepeatedTest
fTotal - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.CounterPanel
fTotal - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.ProgressBar
fTree - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestSuitePanel
fTreeBrowser - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestHierarchyRunView
func2str - Class in jmathlib.toolbox.general
External function
func2str() - Constructor for class jmathlib.toolbox.general.func2str
Function - Class in jmathlib.core.functions
This is the base class for all functions
Function() - Constructor for class jmathlib.core.functions.Function
Default constructor - Creates a function with a null name
Function(String) - Constructor for class jmathlib.core.functions.Function
Creates a function called _name
function - Variable in class jmathlib.ui.applet.JMathLibGUI
string used for defining user functions
FunctionalHandleProperty - Class in jmathlib.core.graphics.properties
FunctionalHandleProperty(PropertySet, String, String) - Constructor for class jmathlib.core.graphics.properties.FunctionalHandleProperty
functionCache - Variable in class jmathlib.core.functions.FunctionLoader
functionCode - Variable in class jmathlib.ui.applet.JMathLibGUI
Temporary store for function code
functionCode - Variable in class jmathlib.ui.text.TextUI
store the current function definition
FunctionHandleToken - Class in jmathlib.core.tokens
FunctionHandleToken() - Constructor for class jmathlib.core.tokens.FunctionHandleToken
FunctionHandleToken(String) - Constructor for class jmathlib.core.tokens.FunctionHandleToken
functionListV - Variable in class jmathlib.core.functions.WebFunctionLoader
FunctionLoader - Class in jmathlib.core.functions
Base class used to find and load a function.
FunctionLoader(boolean) - Constructor for class jmathlib.core.functions.FunctionLoader
FunctionLoader() - Constructor for class jmathlib.core.functions.FunctionLoader
functionLoaders - Variable in class jmathlib.core.functions.FunctionManager
FunctionManager - Class in jmathlib.core.functions
Class for storing and managing the functions being used
FunctionManager(boolean) - Constructor for class jmathlib.core.functions.FunctionManager
Creates the function manager and defines any internal functions if this is an application then it creates a class loader to load external functions
functionManager - Variable in class jmathlib.core.interpreter.GlobalValues
Object to control function usage
FunctionManager.SystemFileFunctionLoader - Class in jmathlib.core.functions
FunctionManager.SystemFileFunctionLoader(File, boolean) - Constructor for class jmathlib.core.functions.FunctionManager.SystemFileFunctionLoader
FunctionParser - Class in jmathlib.core.functions
A class for parsing user functions.
FunctionParser() - Constructor for class jmathlib.core.functions.FunctionParser
default constructor - creates the FunctionParser object with an empty expression string
FunctionPathBroker - Class in jmathlib.core.functions
Using a base directory, uses a consistent search to find a function by its name
FunctionPathBroker(File, boolean) - Constructor for class jmathlib.core.functions.FunctionPathBroker
FunctionToken - Class in jmathlib.core.tokens
Class used to represent any functions used in the expression
FunctionToken(String) - Constructor for class jmathlib.core.tokens.FunctionToken
constructor for function tokens
FunctionToken(String, OperandToken) - Constructor for class jmathlib.core.tokens.FunctionToken
constructor for function tokens
FunctionToken(String, OperandToken[]) - Constructor for class jmathlib.core.tokens.FunctionToken
constructor for function tokens
fUseLoadingRunner - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.swingui.TestRunner
fWriter - Variable in class jmathlib.tools.junit.textui.TestRunner

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