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Q - Variable in class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.matrix._private.Jampack.Zqrd
The unitary matrix Q
qb(Zmat) - Method in class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.matrix._private.Jampack.Zhqrd
Computes the product QB.
qhb(Zmat) - Method in class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.matrix._private.Jampack.Zhqrd
Computes the product QHB.
qr() - Method in class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.matrix._private.Jama.Matrix
QR Decomposition
QR - Variable in class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.matrix._private.Jama.QRDecomposition
Array for internal storage of decomposition.
qr - Class in jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.matrix
An external function for computing a QR decomposition of a matrix
qr() - Constructor for class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.matrix.qr
QRDecomposition - Class in jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.matrix._private.Jama
QR Decomposition.
QRDecomposition(Matrix) - Constructor for class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.matrix._private.Jama.QRDecomposition
QRDecomposition(double[][]) - Constructor for class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.matrix._private.Jama.QRDecomposition
QR Decomposition, computed by Householder reflections.
questdlg - Class in jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.ui
questdlg() - Constructor for class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.ui.questdlg
questdlg.ModalDialog - Class in jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.ui
questdlg.ModalDialog(Frame, String, String, String[]) - Constructor for class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.ui.questdlg.ModalDialog
quit - Class in jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.system
quit() - Constructor for class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.system.quit
quiver - Class in jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.graphics.graph2d
quiver() - Constructor for class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.graphics.graph2d.quiver
quiver3 - Class in jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.graphics.graph3d
quiver3() - Constructor for class jmathlib.toolbox.jmathlib.graphics.graph3d.quiver3
Quivergroup - Class in jmathlib.core.graphics.axes.plotObjects
implementation of a line object
Quivergroup() - Constructor for class jmathlib.core.graphics.axes.plotObjects.Quivergroup

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